Energy prices are rising,
you are saving.

Live in a smart eco-home and save thousands of crowns on energy every year. A low-energy new building with quality insulation ensures minimal heat loss, meaning you won't have to unnecessarily heat during colder months. Thanks to the heat pump, you pay up to 80% less for energy and help preserve nature. Combined with your own photovoltaics and a charging station for electric cars, you'll fulfill the dream of 21st-century living.

Quality insulation and triple glazing

– thanks to insulation of floors, walls, roofs, structural details, and window insulation, heat loss is minimized.

Exhaust air heat recovery unit*

– a smart air exchange system. Recovery maintains optimal humidity in your home, and continuous ventilation ensures fresh air in the rooms without causing heat loss. *In some types of houses.

Heat pump

– thanks to it, you will gain up to 5 times more thermal energy and your costs will be reduced by up to 80%. If you choose a heat pump with an inverter function, you can also use it for cooling in the summer.

Underfloor heating / underfloor cooling

– provides uniform heating, creating an ideal perceived temperature in the house. A well-chosen and set-up system minimizes fluctuations, saving you from overpaying for energy. Additionally, if you choose a heat pump with an inverter function, you can also use it for cooling in the summer.


– with a home solar power plant, you can generate your own energy. If you expand the system with batteries, you can use it even when the sun is not shining or store it in the batteries of an electric car using Wall boxes.
*Depending on the selected standard.

Wall box Charging Socket*

– charging electric vehicles with self-generated electricity.
*Depending on the selected standard.

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